WITH child by Howard Schatz

Recently I received a review copy of  WITH child photographed by Howard Schatz.  WITH child is an impressive coffee table book featuring more than 100 mothers-to-be over a twenty year period.  Before becoming a full-time photographer Schatz was a physician who helped deliver many babies which surely inspired him to document this miraculous process.

I have been blessed to be with child three times myself but I now realize I did not take enough pictures.  Luckily my husband and I agree that I’ve found my pregnant double down to the nitty gritty details in this book — and no I’m not mentioning what page you can see who I resemble!     Surely I’m not the only one, other mamas are sure to see a bit of themselves WITH child

The photos are what some may consider graphic but they are always tasteful.  Black and white photography is perfect for this subject so the viewer can concentrate on the form and shapes.  The book on the whole is a beautiful tribute to mothers everywhere and would make a beautiful gift for yourself or anyone who admires the female form.  Check out the official Howard Schatz WITH child page on Facebook some time soon or head to Amazon.


Seeking Slim: Thermo Bubbles by David Kirsch

It’s that time again when I start to beat myself up about my weight and start to think about getting slim again!  One of my major problems is keeping hydrated during the day, I know that sounds crazy since I love tea but the fact is it’s very hard to make and drink tea when I’m running around and sweating all the small stuff.  For example I’m thirsty right now but if I don’t finish this post it’s not going to type itself out, besides who wants to reach for a plain old glass of water? 

I’d rather sip on something delicious, something that tastes like lemonade and will refresh my entire mouth.  I was just reading about Thermo Bubbles by David Kirsch. 

Thermo Bubbles are the Hollywood beauty secret that have helped many actors, actress and models get runway and red carpet ready. The delicious pink lemonade bubbly beverage melts away fat naturally.

“Melts away fat” is the part that really caught my attention but I don’t mind that it’s 100% natural too.  I have not tried Thermo Bubbles drink, have you?  what do you think of the drink?

Organic Coconut Oil Tames Tangles

I’ve been blessed with two daughters, both with very curly hair.  If you have curly hair, or have to take care of it, we may share a mutual enemy : tangles! 

We spend at least an hour a sitting going through their hair, trying to tame those tangles sure takes a lot of time.  Even when braided their hair gets tangled and it’s become such a chore that when they see the combs come out they run and hide.  Recently I picked up some Organic Coconut Oil by Spectrum and I’m very pleased with the results. 

It’s unrefined, easy to use and makes the comb glide through their hair.  The down side?  the smell is very unpleasant.  I will fix that with some essential oils in the near future but for now it’s enough to keep the tangles to a minimum.  I’ve also noticed their hair is definately softer than usual so I can deal with the negative.  Besides, the smell is nothing a shampoo can’t cure.

OWN 2011

I can’t wait to watch OWN!  I’ve always been a big Oprah fan, my mom asked why I wasn’t on the show with the loyal viewers and I probaby should have been!  Come on January 1st!!

I have some big changes coming up in 2011.   After 11 years in Maine we will likely move away, I’m not sure where yet but I’m hoping we get to back to Florida. 

As important as were you live is, the most important even in my life will be to return to the work force.  I am officially in the home stretch of my stay-at-home mom status.  After ten years I must admit I am ready to get out and do something out of the home.

 My youngest will start kindergarden (girl2006), my oldest (boy2001)  will be a fifth grader and girl 2004 will be in second grade.  Just thinking about going back to work has been working as a catalyst in my life for some time but never as much as in the recent weeks.

The biggest change will be the need for organization.  I have already donated more than half of our household items and will continue to streamline the house as much as possible.  It’s very hard of course and that especially true with all the beauty products and tools that usually scatter our room and bathroom! 

In 2011 I’ll be looking out for products for women that are on the go.  Multi-purpose, beauty and function will be my catch words throughout 2011!

I wrote this blog post while participating in the TwitterMoms and OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network blogging program, for a $50 gift card. For more information on how you can participate, click here

No Ordinary Family – size zero

BEVERLY HILLS, CA - AUGUST 01: (L-R) Actor Romany Malco, actor Jimmy Bennett, actor Michael Chiklis, executive producer/ co-creator Greg Berlanti, executive producer/ co-creator Jon Harmon Feldman, executive producer David Semel, actress Julie Benz, actress Kay Penabaker, actress Autumn Reeser and actor Stephen Collins speak onstage during the 'No Ordinary Family' panel during the summer Television Critics Association press tour on August 1, 2010 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

I just finished watching No Ordinary Family.   First impression:

The show is a mashup between Greatest American Hero, Bionic Woman and of course The Incredibles with the addition of a lair or Bat cave.   If the capes and costumes come out I might add Wonder Woman (favorite) and Superman but for now I’ll leave it at that.

The show is not bad, might even be good at some point.  The part I did NOT like was the part when the wife, played by Julie Benz realizes she’s very fast.  Her workmate points out that she’ll always have a high metabolism and can eat whatever she wants and always be a size zero. 

Zero? is what has inspired me to write about this show tonight.  Julie Benz does not look sickly but the size zero sure sounds like it and a comment like that has no place on prime time in my opinion.  I have to safeguard my girls, and even myself from this constant pressure to be thin.  Here I was trying to find a family show but I will have to see a little more before I let my kids watch this if the writers are irresponsible with their statements.  By the way my favorite character is the dad, he’s very realistic and even though he’s a man I totally relate to him!

Killer Heat – buy book, get gloss promo

New York Times best selling author Brenda Novak is running a fantastic promo for all you lovely readers out there.  Buy a  copy of her latest (and last book of 2010), Killer Heat between 9/28 and 10/5/2010.  Send in your receipt and receive a FREE Three Custom Color lip-gloss valued at $21.50 in the shade of Killer Heat.

This is the third book in the Department 6 series and on sale today!  Have you read the first two books in the series? White Heat and Body Heat?  I received a free pot of gloss and book so stay tuned for my review!

Find out more information straight from the author’s website…

You can buy the book anywhere they are sold but remember to keep that receipt!  Offer good only while supplies last – no exceptions on proof of book purchase dates.

Ombre Hair, always ahead of my time


I’ve been through the ombre hair look several times in my life, NO ONE thought it was fashionable.  In fact it seemed quite trashy as if you couldn’t afford to get your hair done.  Here are some pics of Drew Barrymore and one of Ashley Simpson at the end (the only two stars I knew by name!)

For some reason it looks really good on them, had this happenned last summer I wouldn’t even have had to cut my hair down! that makes me really mad when style is untimely.

What a sweet little dog Drew has!

Ashley Simpson in longer but exactly the same hair colors I was in last summer!

Inception – Ellen Page – Scarves

I don’t get out much.  My husband and I don’t do the date night thing.  However, on a recent grandma visit we pushed ourselves a bit and went out. 

We made it through dinner at Applebee’s for the 2 for $20 I believe we had.  Then it was on to a movie and the always long discussion about what we had heard and what might be the plot.

We settled on Inception based on my argument that a Brad Pitt movie is a good movie.  In the end I actually liked and understood most of it… only the snow scenes confused me, why would they layer in a snow dream?  anyway, I’m glad we saw  it.  Pretty good movie all in all.

More important that all that, this movie has reignited my love of silk scarves.   As you can see, Ellen Page wore a couple. I will eventually catalog all my silk scarves but for right now I’ll leave you with one of me in my favorite Hermes…


Tom’s of Maine “Wicked Fresh! Wednesdays”

“Wicked Fresh! Wednesdays” is a free, live hour-long Q&A for fans that highlights the extraordinary careers of four engaging personalities who are merging success with good deeds. The series is part of the launch of the new Wicked Fresh! Toothpaste and Mouthwash line from Tom’s of Maine, which uses powerful natural flavor oils and patent-pending botanical extract to provide long-lasting fresh breath

This week, September 15th, 2010 green guru Sophie Uliano from 5 p.m. PST / 8 p.m. EST.  Next week after, Stewart+Brown at 5 p.m. PST / 8 p.m. EST. 

Get a jump on being Wicked Fresh!  Not familiar with the book Gorgeously Green by Sophie Uliano? read my review.

Daily Beauty Rituals (1937) featuring Constance Bennett


This video NEVER gets old.  I love the glamour and glitz and I love the way the maid is after her and even bosses her a little.  I wonder if Ms. Bennett was really that nice to her staff and in the morning no less.

I’m really trying to establish morning routines with my kids but it’s hard when you are not made to wake up early and get motivated for the day.  Nonetheless I try to fake it to be a good role model and to get things accomplished.

One more thing before I go and get myself ready for the day!  If you’re in New York and would like to get a “glimpse behind the velvet ropes” be sure to RSVP and watch the Last Night at Chateau Marmont book party LIVE September 15, 7 -9 p.m.

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