COVERGIRL’s Star Wars makeup collection

  I am SOOO excited! I can't wait to try this Star Wars makeup collection by COVERGIRL!!  I'm loving both sides looks, I'm not sure which side will win out for me but I'm leaning to the dark side. Don't get me wrong, I am good BUT I do know how to fight the dark side! If you're interested you can try to win a set of all 10 mascaras from COVERGIRL's website.  May the force be with you. … [Read more...]

Neutrogena healthy skin blends, sheer blush


I am sorry to give a product a terrible review but this one deserves it. I bought this in desperation for a meeting I was going to. In my rush I threw away my receipt to return it so I'm stuck with it. The product is labeled as sheer but really it comes out as pale or even white. I am tan right now so it has a really strange effect having whitish cheeks!! it's strange because looking at it you would think it would come off as pale as it does. I do not recommend, please keep the receipt if you decide to give this a try! … [Read more...]

Hot Heads need Cooling Sport Towels


Summer of 2015 has been hot and sweaty!  I spent too many hours poolside watching my kids swim practice and at their swim meets. Don't get me wrong, it's great that they're active athletes but many of those days were what I'll describe technically as - super HOT. I had heat on my mind one day when I waltzed into Dollar Tree and found a Cooling Sport Towel for $1. I figured it couldn't hurt to try it so that's what I did. What a wonderful stroke of luck it was! I think there are different types but the one I purchased comes in a hard plastic tube. Once I took it out, … [Read more...]

CONAIR Hair Inifiniti Brush

Sooooo, it's been a while... I've been very busy enjoying life, raising kids, you know the usual.  There have been some bumps in the road but isn't that what makes life more interesting? Recently I received some hair brushes free for review from CONAIR. Specifically the InfinitiPRO tourmaline-ionic infused brush.  I wish I had found these brushes sooner! they have made such a difference in my hair styling time.  About a year ago my good hair dryer quit on me and I bought a very cheap mass market hair dryer.  It's been taking me forever to dry my  hair, may hair has … [Read more...]

WITH child by Howard Schatz


Recently I received a review copy of  WITH child photographed by Howard Schatz.  WITH child is an impressive coffee table book featuring more than 100 mothers-to-be over a twenty year period.  Before becoming a full-time photographer Schatz was a physician who helped deliver many babies which surely inspired him to document this miraculous process. I have been blessed to be with child three times myself but I now realize I did not take enough pictures.  Luckily my husband and I agree that I've found my pregnant double down to the nitty gritty details in this book … [Read more...]