NARS balancing foam cleansing mousse

NARS Main Balancing Foam Cleanser

The word ‘balance’ is often used in skincare and health talk.  I can’t help but think of myself delicately trying to balance on a beam.  Did anyone else have to go through the balance beam drill in school?  I could NOT stand it. 

I was terrible at it to begin with but in addition to that it seemed like it was too little too late.  I mean if you’re in junior high and have lousy balance is 20 minutes per week going to turn that around? probably not.  Very very annoying.  Anywho, I survived all that thankfully so I’m now balancing with a foam cleanser. 

NARS balancing foam cleansing mousse

A delicate and light botanical scent, just a tiny little bit goes a looong way.   You probably know NARS for their makeup, now it’s time to get to know NARS skincare a little better.  I’m so happy with this product, maybe my expectations were low, thinking NARS does such a great job with makeup, there’s little chance they can get so much right.  I stand corrected, not only is NARS makeup awesome, so is NARS skincare.

An instant personal fave, the balancing foam cleansing mousse  is so satisfying, easy to use, perfect to display.  I love the way it takes off all my makeup and grime.  At the same time it leaves your skin refreshed and soft, not stripped like some cleansers can.

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