Shu Uemura’s Pleasure of Japanese Bath Yuzu

Shu Uemura Pleasure of Japanese BathJapan is the bathing captial of the world, you can quote me on that. 

Almost every store has a humongous bath section and people of all ages, even grimy little boys, look forward to their baths every night.  The whole thing is incredibly relaxing, first a vigorous scrub in a shower and then a soak in the tub in an upright sitting position.

Most of the time, Japanese people soak in plain hot water.  Other times they will throw bath salts in.  Lavender and Yuzu seem to be very popular scents at bath time. 

It is believed that Yuzu will warm you up in winter, yuzu has a wonderful citrus scent and you should know by now I LUV citrus scents.  Since many Japanese don’t heat their homes the same way we do in the US, a body-warming citrus bath is usually welcomed. 

Now you can experience the Pleasure of a Japanese Bath from the comfort of your own home with Shu Uemura’s bath oil.  It’s amazing! the scent, fresh citrus that infuses the air and your skin.   It makes my skin feel so soft but it’s not at all greasy like some other bath oils can be.  It makes the water white at first but it didn’t warm up my body, maybe I’m too cold blooded, (please note the Shu Uemura product does not claim to warm your body, I’m referring to the old school thoughts on Yuzu).  Luckily I like to run the water extremely hot so my body’s plenty warm as it is.

Pleasure of Japanese Bath is available in Yuzu (citrus fruit), Shobu (no idea), Sakura (Cherry Blossom) and Hinoku (no idea) for $40.  Please note that these bath oils have been re-introduced and originally launched over a decade ago! So don’t miss this chance.

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