Prevent Stains with BLOX

blox stain preventerLadies, how many times have you worn you’re very best outfit and stained it?  granted this is not really beauty related but it IS a fashion lifesaver! 

To prevent stains on a recent trip I used BLOX to protect our favorites.  Just add to the fabric softener dispenser (you can also add your fabric softener if you wish), toss in the dryer and iron and you’ll stay stain free wether you’re on a vacation or staycation.

WHAT: BLOX In-Wash Clothing Protector
WHY: Protect your favorite clothes from stains and overwashing
WHERE: Online at; free shipping
COST: $9.99 per 8oz bottle/ Buy two, get one free for $19.99


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  1. says

    This stuff looks cool. I use Shout a lot to remove stains once they’ve appeared, but I’m giving this a try. I’d rather prevent a stain than try to clean it, lol!

  2. Lauren says

    I have recently used BLOX and I love it!!! It’s a dream come true for me, as a parent and pet owner. My kids clothes stay clean all day! My shoes stay warm and dry when it’s wet outside… it’s fantastic! Someone should have invented this a long time ago!


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