Too Faced Guilt Free Lip Gloss? Blame it on the Gloss

Too Faced 

The claim is Too Faced Guilt Free Lip Gloss is infused with healthy, delicious fruit flavors that curb your appetite and energy boosting ingredients so you feel great.  Riding the wave of Fuze’s slenderizing drinks, this gloss’ catch phrase is “Always on the lips, never the hips.”.  Oh really?

I went searching around looking for glossy experiences. 

Lots of stores sell it and they had a fab launch party but I couldn’t find anyone that has had success in the month it’s been available, and yes I would think by now someone would have lost a pound or two. 

Splendora’s  thoughts did strike a chord, I’ve never felt guilty applying lip gloss before and kind of resent the suggestion that I should.

Thanks Too Faced, now I do feel guilty about using other glosses.  Relacore is right, it’s not my fault I have stubborn belly fat, blame it on the gloss!

Even though it is ridiculous the marketing has worked its magic on me – almost! 

I still want to see what real women think, have you tried this, any results, or just a fruity gloss with nice packaging?  I def need more info before I buy.

The Guilt Free Gloss comes in 3 shades, Blueberry Raspberry, Strawberry Melon, and Dragon Fruit Lime.  Price $18.50

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